The idea of revitalisation was coined by Prof. Marek Lewandowski, Head of the Department of Polar and Marine Research at the Institute of Geophysics, Polish Academy of Sciences.

The revitalisation plans assume that the station will be used as a single-sited, un-manned automatized research infrastructure, in the first stage dedicated to meteorological measurements, which will be followed by the installation of a broad-band seismometer and a magnetometer for recording of variations of geomagnetic field in the frequency range from DC to about 1Hz.

All instruments will be fuel cell/solar/wind powered, transmitting data on-line. Every year the station would be visited for service and research of different (biotic and/or abiotic) aspects of the local environment, which is an excellent analogue to the Martian environment. Detailed surveys and inventories of all existing infrastructure in and around the Dobrowolski Station will be made during the subsequent visits, and adequate plans for the infrastructure maintenance will be made.

Foreign partners willing to cooperate in the revitalization of the Dobrowolski Station are warmly welcome. International cooperation for installation, service and data management would be very desirable.

Above: current state of infrastructure (pictures courtesy of the Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute, St. Petersburg, Russia –